android L

Install Android L preview on your Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Google has released the factory images of the Android “L” preview, which it unveiled on Wednesday at Google I/O. The Android “L” software developer kit (SDK) is available for download right now and can be installed on a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7.

The SDK can be had from Google’s developer website. The company provides detailed instructions on how to install it.

Google calls it the “biggest update in the history of Android”. It offers a raft of user interface enhancements with a key focus on a new “Material Design” philosophy, which spans not only Android but also Chrome OS and Google’s web apps.

The L release offers more than 5,000 new APIs and has a number of improvements including synced notifications across Android and Chrome OS, actionable notifications, a battery life saver, and a new 64-bit runtime environment that Google calls ART replacing the long standing Dalvik environment.

Also, there is support for USB audio, enterprise security, Bluetooth 4.1, a burst mode camera, personal unlocking and improved text rendering amongst others.

Alongside this, the L release ties in deeply with new versions of Android which are meant for devices of different sizes and use cases. These include Android Wear for wearables, Android Auto for car infotainment systems, and Android TV for large televisions and set top boxes.