Google Android L 5.0 – The Latest Android Version

A new version of the Android operating system has been in the works at Google for some time, but was finally revealed to the public during the keynote speech at June’s Google I/O conference. Android L is a major departure for the mobile OS, with a completely redesigned interface, more fluid animations, a renewed focus on improving battery life and, for the first time, compatibility with 64-bit processors. It will be released to consumers later this year.
The Android L 5.0 features a number of significant updates, the most obvious of which is a new look with Google rolling out a new design language called Material Design, which allows developers to create layers within their apps. Android L reportedly has over 5,000 new APIs ticking away behind the scenes, but the most obvious changes will always be the visual ones. The new Material design scheme is set to appear on every Google platform, not just Android, but it will look best on smartphones and tablets. Apparently Google drew inspiration from pens and inks, with every icon and user interface element casting an accurate shadow to give a sense of depth. Everything animates as you touch it, with objects flying into view and tapped icons rippling like puddles.
Google has also deeply integrated its Android Wear platform with Android L, allowing users unlock smartphones without a pin code if they are wearing a smartwatch. Notifications have also been given a make-over, allowing users respond to notifications directly from the lock screen. Under the hood, Google is also working to improve battery life (Project Volta) and now supports 64-bit chips and promises to improve performance thanks to a move entirely to Android Runtime (ART).
With Google launching the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 in the month of November in the last two years, we could see Google launch the big Android update for 2014 alongside the Nexus 6 – or even the first Android Silver device.
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